Friday, August 03, 2007

Danse Improvisée (Oo Bébé)

Danse Improvisée (Oo Bébé)

Partners will come
and partners will go,
waltzing off into the past.
The music goes on
long after we're gone.
In the end,
there is only the dance...

-- The Dance, TK Major

When I was a little kid, at school my first year, our kindergarten teacher introduced us to a clever little game called musical chairs.

If you've never played this onetime childhood staple, the premise is simple. If you have 11 players you start with 10 chairs. Everyone stands in a circle around the chairs. When the music starts, the participants dance around the chairs in a ring. When the music is stopped abruptly, the participants must quickly find an unoccupied chair and sit down. Whoever is left over is out...

Before the music is started again, one chair is removed.

The next round begins. Each round eliminates another player until only one is left.

There's a metaphor there, somewhere...

Danse Improvisée (Oo Bébé)
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