Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Anatomy of a new song

Somehow I got suckered into moderating the sleepily congenial songwriting forum at Harmony Central, the web's largest musician's bulletin board. My primary role there is to police the forum for cell phone and running shoe spam and make sure people don't swap Azerbejani cracks of 1000 dollar music software packages.

But I decided it might be fun to actually talk about the craft of songwriting a little since there hadn't been a spam attack in the week or so that I've been a "mod" there. So I started with this
post outlining the inspiration and creation of a new song.

You'll also see the responses of a number of forum members, as they comment on the evolving lyrics, make suggestions, and occasionally crack jokes and goof around.

You, too, can join up and participate-- completely free, of course-- and enjoy the benefits of membership: a usually friendly, collegial atmosphere where you can participate in a sort of ad hoc writer's workshop, getting constructive criticism and feedback from others and giving back the same.