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I’m just like a child but I’m no fool…

I'm just like a child but I'm no fool...

After they broke up, he moved to the city.

He stumbled into a great job, found a little walkup in a decent neighborhood. Others struggled to make it in the city but everything fell into place for him.

And he was thankful for that, because he knew he couldn’t take the chance of running into her if he’d stayed back home. And that would have happened. They had all the same friends. The same favorite places. The same favorite camping spot a half hour out of town.

So he went to the city and succeeded. His friends were amazed. His family was relieved.

And he was… not lonely. Although he chose to be alone, for the most part. He went bowling with coworkers every other week, out of a sense of responsibility to himself as much as to his coworkers.

Sometimes he would sit in a cafe and drink a beer or sip a coffee, watching people.

Mostly he would walk.

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Sitting all alone
by my telephone
Waited all day
but that’s okay
I could wait all night
and that would be all right
for a woman like you
I would wait all my life

Sometimes I pull myself together
and I go downtown
I’m all dressed up
and I wander around
and I feel like a fool
I can’t stop thinking of you
When you’re all alone
this city’s so cruel

I walk along the river
until the stars come out
I sit by myself alone in the dark
and I wonder
Oh yes I wonder
I’m just like a child
but I am no fool
I know it’s over

(C)1980, TK Major