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Little Baby Doll (v.2)

Little Baby Doll

Some mistakes you just have to make.

No one can tell you.

You can’t talk yourself out of it. You might as well surrender, sometimes.

You can hear a somewhat more spare version in the October 15 AYoS post.

Little Baby Doll

baby started something
back in 1986
baby started comin home
and showin me new tricks
Little Baby
Little Baby Doll

Baby said forever
just takes too much time
but Baby said “I’m here right now
so that should work out fine”
Little Baby…

Baby liked to gamble
with the things she said she loved
but Baby blew her hands
when push came to shove
Little Baby…

Baby played the vagabond
baby played the whore
baby played with fire
she’s not playing any more
Little Baby…

“Veni Vidi Vici”
Baby said when she came home
I said that’s fine for Caesar, babe
but Babylon ain’t Rome…

Saw her on the street one day
but I didn’t call her name
After all this time I knew
that Baby’s still the same
Little Baby
Little Baby Doll

(C)1993, TK Major