Monthly Archives: December 2017

Stuff falls between the cracks…

This brief whiff of piffle was actually written back in 2014 while I was participating in an online songwriting forum. Not sure but the exercise might have been to write a song on a specific topic when you felt absolutely no inspiration whatsoever

I Bet the Farm on Loving You

I lost my dog
I lost my cow
I lost my tractor
I lost my plow
I lost my combine
I lost my truck
you took them all
and said good luck

I bet the farm
on loving you
and I lost it all
when the divorce went through

I lost the pride
my pa instilled
I lost the land
my grandpa tilled
I lost the deed
the county gives
I lost the will
the will to live

I’d begin again
but where to start
you took my life
you took my heart
you took my friends
and my pastor, too
I lost it all
by loving you

I bet the farm
on loving you
and I lost it all
by loving you

[these lyrics vary slightly from the attached recording; I guess these above should be considered the finished version, maybe, or not]