JoZynn, JoZynn

All is forgiven if you just come back again, JoZynn, JoZynn


Unlike the guy in this song, I’ve never had any kids. And, though a few girlfriends have abandoned me pretty good (I have been dropped by the side of the road in a strange town)… no one has ever left me with 3 crying, scared babies.

Well… I did have a bunch of cats, but their mom stuck around. Of course, she was much more trouble than her kittens were. Anyhow, where was I?

Oh yeah. I don’t know where this stuff comes from. Well… in this case, I was starting from my own exotic spelling of a girl’s name, as part of my self-commissioned Barista Cycle Project, the source of a handful of AYoS songs, so far.

The girl whose name inspired this song could not have been less like the “JoZynn” in my song. She was a grad student in something like 17th century British literature, kind of quiet, quite sharp, with a sly and sophisticated sense of humor. As I was recasting the spelling of the name, I searched for something that would grab the essence of the trailer trash bad girlfriend/worse mom anti-heroine of the song… I happened to have seen a tricked out Z28 Camarro, just the kind of thing my JoZynn would zoom off in with her new boyfriend…

Jozynn, Jozynn

JoZynn JoZynn
JoZynn JoZynn
look at the mess that you’re leaving me in
JoZynn JoZynn

JoZynn JoZynn
all is forgiven
come back again

3 little babies down on the floor
2 scared 2 cry
1 thing for sure
Nothing means nothing anymore
except those kids
JoZynn JoZynn

JoZynn JoZynn…

All this time you been away
it’s nothing to me
it’s just be a day
if you just come back again

JoZynn JoZynn…

3 lonely kids
1 angry man
2 hurt 2 cry
for God’s sake woman there’s
a million things
you’ll never understand
JoZynn JoZynn

JoZynn JoZynn
JoZynn JoZynn
look at the mess that you’re leaving me in
JoZynn JoZynn

(C)1996, TK Major


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