2 thoughts on “Once, I strode across continents…

  1. Patty Melt

    The word “strode” is already past tense

    Using the word “once” in front of the word “strode” is unnecessary

    “I strode across continents” is sufficient

    Also, angels do not enslave.
    Angels encourage freedom, not enslavement.

    thanks! Great song!

    1. TK Post author

      I’ve been pondering the grammar issue above since last year…

      Just kidding. Life has distracted me from myself and all my creations. I’ve been a bad blog host, indeed.

      Now, back to that grammar issue: we both agree that strode is past tense. I suspect we would both think it okay if I substituted walked for strode, yes?

      Could I not then say, “Once, I walked across continents…”?

      Sure, it sounds a bit mannered — but we’re talking about a song ‘about’ an angel, here…

      Anyhow, thanks for your comments and the nice compliment. Hope to see you again around here. I need to kick this thing into life again.


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