The Battle for the Truth

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here is a highly esoteric political philosophy held by a small — but once highly influential group of neo-Aristotelians — that appears to suggest that while ideas are immutable and pure, the reality some think underlies them is plastic and manipulable by those who know “the secret.”

Of course, like so many cryptomancers, these modern day magicians had a spectacularly hard time bending reality to their preconceptions. Well… actually they had a spectacularly hard time failing to bend reality.

But you can read about that in the funny papers.

Today’s song is about a far more local — yet seemingly simultaneously global — form of politics and war: the relationships between celebrities in love. And hate. And everything in between — although in the land of celebrity, it appears that love and hate appear to be quantum states. It’s either one or the other and nothin’ much lost in between.


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Monday, October 03, 2005


Everywhere it sez you love me
but ya seldom read the truth
But when I look into your eyes
I can see who’s getting screwed

Get down, baby. Get packed,
get out tonight.
You’re gone, baby,
that’s right you heard me right.

A secret’s not a secret
unless it has been told
our private life’s not really ours
until all the rights are sold.

Get down, baby…

you will get some mileage
from that small town trollop trip
but the journey’s strictly one way, babe
and heavenward ain’t it

Get down, baby…

history will tell us who
won the battle for the truth
until that time let’s keep the reading light
your quickie paperback will do

Get down, baby…
get packed, get out tonight
you’re gone
that’s right
you heard me right

(C)2007, TK Major


1 thought on “The Battle for the Truth

  1. Anonymous

    Love is the greatest treasure on Earth – grander than gold and glory too – for riches are soon spent and fame is but fleeting. Love is everlasting ~ Buried Treasure of Esplendor – words engraved upon the bell…A person is in enlightenment when he loves truth for the sake of truth and not for the sake and the world ~ Swedenborg


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