Tell It to Me in a Language That I’ll Understand

Tell it to me in a language that I'll understand...

Not quite written on a bet, this song was an ‘assignment’ in a songwriter’s workshop some pals and I had going for a few meetings.

And it probably shows some wrenchmarks… lacking any emotional inspiration, whatsoever, I fell back on the eternal pop music subject, lust. What I lacked in emotional investment, I probably tried to compensate for with attempted cleverness. And, as any man of the world knows, cleverness and lust are problematic collaborators.

Tell It to Me in a Language That I’ll Understand

Tell it to me baby
in a language that I’ll understand
I don’t speak french italian
hollandaise or hindustan
you look like a straight talkin’ woman
why don’t ya give it to me like a man

don’t put it between the lines
I won’t get the inference
don’t get into that dialectical material
let’s just split the difference
Why don’t ya come right out and say it
and then let’s see the evidence

I know ya got something to say to me doll
don’t bother putting it in words
I think I know what you’re thinking
only I think I thought of it first
I guess the question is
Can we fall in love right now
or do we gotta talk all night first?

(C)1990, TK Major


2 thoughts on “Tell It to Me in a Language That I’ll Understand

  1. Tony

    The heirs of Robert Johnson just called — they want reparations for the extreme “blues abuse” commited in this song

    1. TK Post author


      It is a bit of a provocation, you’re right. I wrote it at a time when I fantasized that I could squeeze as many syllables into a line as I needed if I could just find the right time chop…

      As you could probably tell, this is a warts and all kind of operation. Thanks for coming by!


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