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      A s this first entry is being posted, the sun will be crossing the celestial equator. Today,
This recording of this song aspires to what I believe the music press likes to call "amiable sloppiness." I thought
This song has always escaped my grasp in the past and this time is no exception. Let's call this recorded
T his is my latest finished song. Recently, I saw a bumper sticker with big, bold letters on a patriotic
It was a rainy Saturday in the early summer of 1981. I was sitting on a wooden chair at the
I've got a pain in my head and a fire in my loins... and a whole lot of empty in
It's too hot to think, here... it's certainly too hot to strap on a pair of headphones. I recorded this
    It's another scorcher here in south Cali... not as oppressive, maybe, as yesterday -- unless you're foolish enough
I wrote this song when I was working in a gas station in a very rough part of town. You
This is the headstock of my first guitar. Sharp-eyed comics fans will note the faded image of the Silver Surfer,
Sometimes, back in the days of my fitful career as punkrocker-turned-folkie, I used to tag myself as the Bard of
There was one thing on my mind when I wrote this song. I wanted to get in the line, "Get
This song started with me dropping my head into my hands, addressing a friend who was not present but who
Not sure, really, why the lyrics of this 1994 tune came to me. I wasn't in a relationship at the
  Continuing right along in the slow boil, passive aggressive vein... This one goes back to August 1990. There's not
Ever done the right thing when it came to someone who was in love with you that you didn't feel