Another year older and closer to…

Triple Zip Flip
Somewhere, a long way away, he heard the alarm on his cell phone ring.

On the TV, someone was talking about Guy Lombardo. He reached out from the couch to stab the TV remote. Someone was talking about how, over the next day or two, western civilization as we knew it would be grinding to a near-standstill, despite the cheerfully over-confident predictions of the technocrats. He stabbed again, got up, started making a mug of espresso on the little Krups machine.

It was now about 10 minutes to zero, Y2K…

With a steaming mug of dark, dark joe held under his nose, he led himself back to the office and plunked down at his computer. He browsed the news on the web, checked in with a couple of his favorite BBs, where a handful of stay-at-homes were wishing each other a “happy millennium.”

He waited. In the other room he heard the live coverage cutting to Ghiradelli Square in San Francisco.

The hands finally ticked straight up… 3 hours after the flip into the new year, New York time.

For an hour or so he poked around the applications he had out in the field. No sign of impending Western Civilization collapse in his little corner of the world.

He padded out to the living room, where the TV still blathered on. A live shot of revelers drifting away from Times Square.

He went to bed and dreamt fitfully of moon colonies, robot housekeepers, and flying cars.

Triple Zip Flip

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Triple Zip Flip

Some people say its the end of the world
I say “C’mon all you boys and grab a girl”
Some people tell you it’s the end of time
I say “all the more reason to get off the dime”

It’s been a long long journey
hope you liked the trip
c’mon everybody
do the Triple Zip Flip

Maybe there’ll be famine, maybe flood
for sure there’ll be suffering and rivers of blood
but that’s just one more year like all the rest
another year older and closer to death

It’s been a long long journey…

The mighty shall tremble
the wicked shall fall
about the same time the good folks
learn how not to crawl

judgement will come
judgement is due
let’s just hope they don’t
judge — me and you

It’s been a long long journey…

its just like the prophet said long ago
first there is Knowledge then the neighborhood goes
one little taste it all gets way out of hand
write a few lines of code make a world out of sand

they say Information just wants to be free
so far it’s been trapped inside of you and me
but I hear that Info has got a new plan
go live in cyberspace and make a monkey out of man

It’s been a long long journey

hope you liked the trip
c’mon everybody
do the Triple Zip Flip

(C)1996 TK Major


2 thoughts on “Another year older and closer to…

  1. Queen of Quotes

    Now that’s such a great song but alas I still can’t resist the God-given urge to share what John Addington Symonds(1840-1893)said: These things shall be! A loftier race than e’er the world has known shall rise with flame of freedom in their souls and light of knowledge in their eyes.


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