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A Thousand Lies (Bridge to Nowhere)

A Thousand Lies (Bridge to Nowhere)

The best liars don’t really need a reason.

They’re glib. They’re creative. They enjoy lying.

They’re not sociopaths… clinically speaking. They have feelings, stirrings of empathy; they indulge in sentimentalism and symbolic emotionalism… in fact, it’s the language they speak… all too fluently, at times.

A Thousand Lies (Bridge to Nowhere)

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Special YouTube Version— A tribute to Warhol’s epic, “Empire”

The delight they take in their lies helps sustain them. It invigorates them. In a very real way, their lies give meaning to their lives.

Because they lie from the inside, out.

In a way, the skein of interlocking lies that lace their lives, is their lives.

They lie to themseslves even though they are perfectly aware they’re lying. Their lies are simultaneously excuses and self-entertainments, creative endeavors that provide endless hours of diversion and delight.

And… sometimes… they become politicians.

A Thousand Lies (Bridge to Nowhere)

I’ve got a thousand lies
I can’t wait to tell you
I’ve got a bridge to nowhere
I know I could sell you
I’ve got a real nice dream
as phony as hell
you know it’s all a
part of the game

I know the rules
I’m making them up
anything that works
just to stay on top
I don’t care who
else takes the drop
’cause it’s all a
part of the game

tell a lie often enough
people forget
where the truth leaves off
but sometimes that truth
can be pretty rough
and usually the truth
is just not enough

besides it’s all a part of the game

I’ve got a reason
for all that I do
life’s got a meaning
I’ll explain it to you
it’s all about me
it’s not about you and
it’s all a part of the game

(C)2008, TK Major


Dog years and lunar days…

Rainy Day on Temple Ave

A song a day… that was the concept.


A song a day for a year, newly recorded, with a little write-up.

They started out being terrestrial, regular old 24 hour days.

But at this point, we’re pretty much talking about lunar days…

However, there are more than a year of songs up here now — or at least different versions… 400 of them, covering 144 songs and 28 instrumentals. Give or take. Some tracks are no longer available. (Yes, even I have some shame.)

Anyhow, here’s a new song.

I know, I’m supposed to write something about it. It’s been up on Soundclick for over a week and I still haven’t thought up anything. So, what the heck…

It’s about some loser.

Rainy Day on Temple Ave

I saw her again
and she was smiling in the sun
but I remember when
she was down and she was almost done

she had herself a man and
he was doing her so wrong
she said I’ll
give you what I can
but I’m not sure that I’m that strong

And I said Baby, that’s OK
I know I should not stay
I wouldn’t want your tomorrows
to be as sad as our today

There was a time
when I counted the two of us as one
there was a dream
I thought all my darkness was all gone

Some things have to be and
some things can never last for long
and some times you just see
to try to hang on is just (so damn) wrong

And I said Baby, that’s OK…

One drink buys the next
until you’re staring at the stars
wondering what went wrong
and wondering where the hell you are

That was
ten thousand miles ago
but I guess I haven’t come all that far
I’m still wandering through these streets
I’m still lost among those stars

And I said Baby, that’s OK…

(C)2008, TK Major