And now for something completely off topic…

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a link to anyone else’s music here before, I don’t think, but I just caught this vid and all I can say is wow…

I never saw Pentangle, myself, but I’ve seen all the members of it at various times over the years — typically playing either solo or in various combinations with each other.

I love this video…

The quality of this video is high enough that you should be able to watch it fairly comfortably in full screen mode — but you’ll have to actually click through the vid to go to the You Tube site to do so. For once I don’t mind losing visitors to YT…


2 thoughts on “And now for something completely off topic…

  1. Geoffrey

    Came here through Gearslutz… yeah, Pentangle, a nice adolescent memory of a musical scene that really did a lot of the things music is supposed to.. especially for me having one foot firmly in past tradition whilst looking forward with something utterly modern. Thanks for posting that.

    Geoffrey Armes

  2. TK Major

    Yeah… they were a great band. Their stage presence may have been understated — I was almost shocked when Jacqui smiles during one of the songs and actually starts bobbing her head to the music. But with such an amazing bass player and drummer, I imagine it’s hard not to lose yourself in the groove and get carried away like that. ;^)

    I’m glad to find a fellow tech-head from GS grooving on such sublime music. Nice to hear some music without Auto-Tune for a change, innit? Thanks for stopping by!


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