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Tenth Anniversary



Wait?!? Where’s the big makeover? Some small changes, sure, but largely things look the same. What gives? — you may ask…

I actually DID make some big changes, quite a few of them, trying this one and that… and… I hated them all. But I did rearrange the menu, add a link directly back to the first post on Sept 22, 2005, a link to my ‘old’ one man band, one blue nine, glue it to the top of the page so it’s always available (in full browsers — your mileage will vary on mobiles — please report any trainwrecks!)

Since AYoS has, effectively, been on three different platforms in its decade of existence, I’m afraid I was slow to make use of some of the better features of the WordPress content management system it now runs on but I’ve been working — and the work goes on — to take better advantage of WP’s superior taxonomy features. Within the next week or so, all 400+ posts should be more or less properly tagged and categorized. When that is complete, for instance, you’ll be able to click on the title of any song in a tag list and get a full list of the posts tagged with that song — and, of course, that will work with any tag, so if you click on ‘breakup’ in a tags list, you’ll see all the posts so-tagged.

Also in the ongoing work sector: I’ve been going through the posts (starting at ‘back’ and ‘front’ and moving toward the great, gray middle) and removing confusing download/play/radio links (that mostly used decade-old streaming systems used by the sort of standalone media players seldom used these days of browser-built-ins) and replacing them with HTML5 in-page playbars. (If you have a really old computer/browser that doesn’t support HTML5, they should display as URLs so you can still download the file and play it ‘locally.’)

Of course, some stuff didn’t need fixing — though I tried, anyway, in some cases, usually to disastrous results. So you’ll still find the randomized Post / Song shuffle thumbnails which some have found to be a good way to explore AYoS — and, of course, the ‘random post’ feature is still on the main menu as well.

Another holdover — at least for those who have Flash on their systems — is the in-page or pop-out AYoS player. In standalone, pop-out mode (perfect when you want to browse with interrupting the music), you’ll see links to sort the  master playlist in different fashions (newest, oldest, highlights, alphabetical). [You may have to enable pop-ups for the site to use it in pop-out mode. We don’t have outside advertising on the site, so you should be safe from unwanted popups while here.] While the player covers much of the first ten years of AYoS, at this time there’s no plan to add later content to it (much of which is in the form of videos, anyway).


Pretend We’re in Love

The countdown to a full decade of impromptu, often terminally sloppy, mostly acoustic versions of the 165 or so songs I’ll let go out in public continues. Another teaser vid…

PS… If things feel a bit more sprightly, pages seem to load a log faster, they should. I optimized some code and got a surprising improvement in performance. This is what happens when the mechanic finally stops neglecting his own jalopy.