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Pretend We’re in Love

The countdown to a full decade of impromptu, often terminally sloppy, mostly acoustic versions of the 165 or so songs I’ll let go out in public continues. Another teaser vid…

PS… If things feel a bit more sprightly, pages seem to load a log faster, they should. I optimized some code and got a surprising improvement in performance. This is what happens when the mechanic finally stops neglecting his own jalopy.


A Thousand Lies

Nine days from now, on the 2015 Autumnal Equinox, Wednesday, September 23, A Year of Songs will be 10 years old.

After over 400 posts that included 300 songs — that were downloaded over a half million times from Archive.org — I admit, I had let the pace slack. OK, I put a landing page randomizer on it so people would see something different every time they visited and pretended that was close enough for blogland.

But, of course… the caged bird must sing. If you can call it singing…

I’ve Got a Thousand Lies 
(originally, Bridge to Nowhere)

I’ve got a thousand lies
I can’t wait to tell you
I’ve got a bridge to nowhere
I know I could sell you
I’ve got a real nice dream
as phony as hell
you know it’s all a
part of the game

I know the rules
I’m making them up
anything that works
just to stay on top
I don’t care who
else takes the drop
’cause it’s all a
part of the game

tell a lie often enough
people forget
where the truth leaves off
but usually the truth —
it’s just not enough
besides it’s all a part of the game

I’ve got a reason
for all that I do
life’s got a meaning
I’ll explain it to you
it’s all about me
it’s not about you and
it’s all a part of the game

©2008, TK Major


The Gospel Hour

In addition to writing songs, I also massacre classics…

Ten days from now, on the 2015 Autumnal Equinox, Wednesday, September 23,* A Year of Songs will be 10 years old.

We don’t want to give away too much, but let’s just say that we’ll** be cranking out new content, both music and microfiction, and doing a massive overhaul of the site to make it more streamlined. (In other words, we want it to work better on the stunted little mobile devices most of us now use to view the web.)

More details in coming days.


* Specifically the Fall Equinox will occur at 1:22 a.m. PDT here in coastal California.

** We habitually use the ‘royal’ we. We know it’s lame. We can’t help ourselves. Maybe we’ll try to quit in the next ten days… We’ll just have to see. Frankly, we’re not sanguine about our chances on that. Safety in imaginary numbers.