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Don’t Ask a Fool (Why He Falls in Love)



“In the field of psychology, the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias, wherein persons of low ability suffer from illusory superiority when they mistakenly assess their ability as greater than it is. The cognitive bias of illusory superiority derives from low-ability persons’ metacognitive inability to recognize their own ineptitude.[1]”  Wikipedia entry on The Dunning-Kruger Effect **

“The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool”
— William Shakespeare  (As You Like It)

Don’t Ask a Fool (Why He Falls in Love)

Don’t ask the sun
why the sky is blue
Don’t ask the river
where it’s flowing to
Don’t ask the stars
why they shine up above
and don’t ask a fool
why he falls in love

Don’t ask me
why I love you
Don’t ask a slave
what he wants to do
Don’t ask a dead man
what he’s dreaming of
and don’t ask a fool
why he falls in love

Don’t ask tomorrow
when there’s no today
Don’t ask forever
if you’ve gone away
Don’t ask for more
when there’s never enough
Ah — but don’t ask a fool
why he falls in love

(C)2015, 2017, TK Major

* New to A Year of Songs, anyhow. I kept pushing and pulling at it but it kept not changing so here it is. ** Oh, and with regard to the Dunning-Kruger Effect? I already know I can’t sing worth a damn. So just don’t go there, my friend. =D


I’m Starting to Really Hate Dreaming

I'm Starting to Really Hate Dreaming
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He woke up with sweaty sheets wrapped around him like swaddling, like the shroud on a mummy. He felt like he hadn’t been asleep at all. His stomach felt knotted and empty but the last thing on his mind was food.

Every dream was different. Every dream was the same. A thousand different stories — but always with the same ending.


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Every night he met her again for the first time. Every night it was different.

Sometimes, in a dream they’d meet on the street, he’d pass her by and turn and look as she turned to look. Sometimes at a party or in the supermarket or in a park. Once at church. Another time, she was a new hire at his work and they had a cute meet in the lunch room, right out of the kind of sappy old romantic comedy she loved.

In another dream, he met her in high school but somehow it looked like his old, half-forgotten grammar school. There was an innocence to the dream that made it just that much more heartbreaking when it ended — as each dream always did — with them parting forever… a forever that seemed to stretch, empty and as lonely as space itself to the end of time, the end of the universe.

I’m Starting to Really Hate Dreaming

starting to really hate dreaming
I can’t stand to see the night fall
if can’t close my eyes without dreaming all night
and I’d rather not close them at all

all my dreams start out happy
we have just fallen in love
day by day it starts slipping away
by the morning, it’s all come undone

Losing you one time
baby that was hard enough
losing you (each and) every night
makes me sorry I (ever) fell in love

It’s better to have lost
than never fall in love
that’s what some loser said
I say it’s better — better not to dream
time for dreaming when I’m dead

All of my dreams start out happy
in all of my dreams you’re the one
we fall in love every night
by the morning it’s all come undone
(C)2009, TK Major


Looking for trouble… I’m already in trouble

The rusty little Bug was leaking rain in from the windows and they had to keep their feet forward to keep them out of the murky water that would slosh back and forth from back seat to the front, washing across the shifter linkage hump like the North Sea over a broken dike.

But they were stopped now, with the heater off and the windows streaked through fog, and she was crying long silvery tears that streamed down her cheeks amd fell to the damp wool of her overcoat. Her slim shoulders moved forward convulsively with her sobs and he sat in the driver’s seat, his hands shoved deep into the pockets of his own overcoat.

He alternated between trying to ignore her and stifling the compulsion to reach out and try to comfort her, an urge that cried from so far down in his wintry soul that it seemed like the shade of a feeling from some forgotten movie… some world he’d lived in, once, so long ago that it was spring there.

He tried to burrow down to find that feeling somewhere, lost in a snowdrift at the bottom of his emptiness.

But all he found were his fists balled in his coat pockets and a girl sobbing beside him.

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Looking for Trouble

Some people say
Love is a game
but I’m telling you now that I wasn’t playing
when I fell in love with you

Here I go again
Looking for reasons where there aren’t any reasons
Here I go again
looking for trouble… I’m already in trouble

That day in my car
don’t say you don’t know
You held me so close
begging me to let go
I told myself you were just confused

Here I go again . . .
You always said
that it was fate
I’m telling you now
that I was framed
when I fell in love with you

Here I go again . . .

A dog barks
the wind howls through the night
I whisper your name and
stare in the fire
I can’ keep myself from calling out to you

Here I go again
Looking for reasons where there aren’t any reasons
Here I go again
looking for trouble… I’m already in trouble

Copyright 1981
T.K. Major

(C)2008, TK Major


Love will fool you… love can kill you…

Love is both a many splendoured thing and a royal PITA, not necessarily in that order, as everyone who’s been paying attention knows by now.

That’s the nominal excuse for this song — but the real deal is just that I wanted to write a song with two then-trendy girls’ names in the title — which was originally “Amber Said Hello When Ashley Said Goodbye.” But that wouldn’t fit in the song database of the old Mp3.com so it got cut down to size back in the heady days leading up to the millennial odometer flip.

When Ashley Said Goodbye
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When Ashley Said Goodbye

Amber said hello when Ashley said good-bye
I said hold on but there’s no wondering why
when love wants in, love can knock down your door

I said Amber, I think this is forever
she said baby youre yanking on my tether
when all is said and done love will even up the score

Love will fool ya love can kill ya
love is all that love can give ya
and still you keep crawling back for more

love is funny; love is cruel
love’ll make Einstein act just like a fool
love’ll make a tomcat dive in-a swimmin’ pool

All these toys all these games
all these pretty dollhouses going up in flames
if you play around enough you know you’re gonna get burned

Love will fool ya love can kill ya
love is all that love can give ya
and still you keep crawling back for more

(C)2008, TK Major