Mea Culpa, Baby

Mea culpa, baby, means 'I'm guilty, I'm the one' AYoS premier…

I‘ll admit it. This song started just ’cause I liked the sound of the title. It seemed to resonate with my “Sure, I’m guilty — so what?” attitude in the days when I wrote it — as well as my not-entirely-whimsical fascination with the notion of the trickster-teacher. Mix with a little half-baked metaphysics and serve cold…

The lyrics, themselves, sort of spilled out as soon as I wrote down the title.

Which is not to say they are in any way irony free. In fact, I felt, reading them back, like I recognized a facile if far-fetched rationalization for my particularly careless — even callous — treatment of a long-ago love.

Whether my subconscious, guided by the muses, was trying to make sense of the emotional confusion of early love or merely looking for a convenient metaphysical fig leaf, my conscious mind liked the cognitive dissonance of it all.

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Mea Culpa, Baby

Mea culpa, baby
means I’m guilty, I’m the one
I’m the one who broke your heart
but it wasn’t just for fun

I watched as your friends turned away
when you turned to me
I laughed as I left you alone
I set your little soul free

I’m not going to tell you
where I hid your heart
you’ll just have to figure out who I am
You must go back to the start

I am everything you are not
I’m the other side of the line
Just a matter of push and pull
but the boundary always hides

[circa 1975]

(C)2006, TK Major


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