Another Dead Soldier (in My War on Alcohol)

My war on alcohol



Okay… as promised, here’s a song that recombines verses from yesterday’s Blue Recollection with a similarly themed set of lyrics.

(And there’s yet another song that incorporates some of the lyrics from this song — but it won’t likely be in AYoS because of a significant f-word problem — it’s in the title, it’s in the chorus. Mumbling won’t help. But, anyhow, that one’s a love song.)


Woke up this morning
wondering about last night
kinda think I coulda took some drink
but my memory just don’t serve me right

Now the last thing I remember
You were walking out the door
My hand reached for the bottle
and then there ain’t no more

Just another dead soldier
in the war on alcohol
put him with his brothers
line ’em up against the wall

Just another dead soldier
in my war on alcohol
I won’t be satisfied
til I’ve killed them all

I lay awake at night, baby
but it ain’t because of you
I’m just listening to the plaster crack
and the clock tick in the next guy’s room

You’re just a blue recollection
but that ain’t nothing new
I’m gonna drown than memory
it’ll be the last thing I do

Copyright 1982, T.K. Major


2 thoughts on “Another Dead Soldier (in My War on Alcohol)

  1. TK Major

    Thank you very much.

    I can’t tell you how much your positive feedback means to me!

    Please come back as often as you like and listen as much as you can stand… uh, I mean, as much as you like. LOL!

    Thanks again.


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