Stood Up to Your Love

Stood Up to Your Love

Though totally different in musical feel, today’s song mirrors yesterday’s in some ways. The music is darkly funky (or aspires to be) but the lyrics are a bit self-consciously grim.

If yesterday’s “Hasta” (below) had a bit of playful, if sardonic whimsy, “Stood Up” is decidedly darker and meaner.

There’s a nastiness to lines like “If this is the best love you can shove into my face…” that might give a clue as to why I have sometimes been known as the Bard of Bitterness, Denial, and Regret. Like you were wondering…


ya said its hard to love you
and I useta find that true
but now its impossible
no matter what I do (but)

I stood up to your love
I stood up like a man
I gave and gave and gave
until I didn’t give a damn

if this is the best love
ya can shove into my face
maybe you should save it
cause I seem ta lost the taste

I used to see ya
in your fishnets and mini skirt
I just wanted to get to know ya
not roll with you in the dirt

but then thats your idea of love baby
no matter who gets hurt
youre gonna do what youre wanna do
and youll get yours first

well im here to tell ya
best not count me truly yours
cause party of the second part
done just ran around the world

(C)1990, 2005 TK Major


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