Digging into the past…





  • I’m trying to make it easier to discover interesting older material — AYoS has over 400 posts, most featuring impromptu, acoustic recordings of my  150+ songs, many accompanied by microprose that meanders between fiction and autiobiography. Incredibly — I’m more surprised than anyone — there have been over 500,000 downloads of AYoS songs from Archive.org since the Fall Equinox 2005, when A Year of Songs was founded. (I imagine that means 499,000 people stabbing the kill button, but a half million clicks is a half million clicks, you know?)
  • The new Random Post (on the main menu) will send you hurtling back through time to a randomly selected  post from the last 7 years.
  • And finally it’s kind of fun using the new Post Shuffle — the thumbnail menu near the top of the right sidebar. You’ll see a different selection of posts each time a page loads. I find it almost hypnotic to click my way randomly through my own blog…
  • One last thing, if you’re a newcomer to AYoS and, well… you’re wondering, reasonably enough… let me put your mind to ease: Yes, I know I’m not much of a singer. I like to think I have a songwriter’s voice — if you listen hard enough, you can probably figure out what notes I meant.

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