I just wanted to get to know ya — not roll with you in the dirt

Stood Up to Your Love

Like Odysseus lashed to the mast, like Hefner sacrificing himself on the altar of satyrdom, he was driven to the edge of madness not by her — because she was only a woman — but by the continual thought of her.

Even when he was with her he longed for her.

Even as the hours got twisted in the sheets caught up between them he found himself scheming to get her back into a bed she hadn’t yet left.

It was really a shame that he didn’t much like her.

Certainly, he thought she was smart enough but vain and self-obsessed in a way that made her seem slow to understand anything that required a stretch of imagination or — more improbably still — a leap of empathy.

But his thoughts collected around the idea of her like iron filings around the end of a magnet. And every time he shook them free they were drawn inexorably back to her… to the idea of her.

Stood Up to Your Love

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Friday, November 04, 2005

Stood Up to Your Love

ya said its hard to love you
and I useta find that true
but now its impossible
no matter what I do (but)

I stood up to your love
I stood up like a man
I gave and gave and gave
until I didn’t give a damn

if this is the best love
ya can shove into my face
maybe you should save it
cause I seem ta lost the taste

I used to see ya
in your fishnets and mini skirt
I just wanted to get to know ya
not roll with you in the dirt

but then thats your idea of love baby
no matter who gets hurt
youre gonna do what youre wanna do
and youll get yours first

well im here to tell ya
best not count me truly yours
cause party of the second part
done just ran around the world

I don’t know how ya lost control
but one day I just woke up
one day I was a zombie
a slave to this thing you call love

the next day the fever broke
the mirror was icy still
I looked for your reflection
as you sat on the window sill
For the first time I saw your eyes
the icey timeless calm
I knew I was almost lost
and my soul was almost gone

(C)1990, TK Major
(C)2007, TK Major


One thought on “I just wanted to get to know ya — not roll with you in the dirt

  1. Ivana

    None can be free who is slave to and governed by his passions. – Pythagoras Be a crazy dumb saint of your own mind…Have no fear or shame in the dignity of your experience, language and knowledge! – Jack Kerouac


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