Here's the new acoustic version of "Looking for Trouble" to complement yesterday's rough project demo recording:
It was a stormy afternoon on the rain spattered patio of a rundown little motel north of Ensenada in 1981.
He never realized he was going to leave until one night when he left. They'd been together forever, through most
He was so bored in the room. The others had gone out to an afterhours but he was sick of
Kingdom of Fools was one of the first songs I posted last September at the beginning of A Year of, February 25, 2006 · LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Don Knotts, the skinny, lovable nerd who kept generations of television
  There's an angel in the bottle but the devil's still alive inside of me I'm sitting here in limbo
His two big sisters told him Lisa was trouble. His mom told him Lisa was trouble. His little sister told
After they broke up, he moved to the city. He stumbled into a great job, found a little walkup in
A few minutes after he sat down outside the Starbucks his phone rang. He'd driven three Starbucks away from his