The Day My Cigar Went Out in the Rain






A rainy day toward the end of winter, 1973.

A radiant young girl in an ancient, raggedy mink coat and a pair of jeans and hiking boots splashing in leafy gutters…

The Day My Cigar Went Out in the Rain

You were wrapped up that day
in an old fur coat
we were splashing in puddles
in the lane

That was one day
I won’t ever forget
the day my
cigar went out
in the rain

I was going to send
for the letters I wrote
to see what life
was like in the past

The times that we laughed
and the times that we cried
fall away from the light
so fast

(C)1974, TK Major

[A note on the photo above: I took this last winter not far from where I first kissed the girl in this song, But actually, I just wanted an excuse to put it up. Nice sky, huh?]


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