Is this thing still on?

First… a GIG ALERT:

I’ll be joining fellow legends, Tim Swenson (formerly of Lunchbox [the original late 80s LA faves — not the johnny-come-lately 90s band of the same name] , Candida, Drink Deep, and Thieving Kind) and Raindog (aka publisher and poet RD Armstrong in his bluesy, whisky-voiced folky mode) at Long Beach, CA, cultural mecca, Portfolio, this coming Friday,FEBRUARY 23, at 9pm, in an informal roundtable, song-swap format. Portfolio is a charming, comfortable old coffeehouse with great coffee. There’s no cover and all ages are welcome.

Uh… remember me?

I didn’t think so.

I’m the guy who used to write this blog, here. I had podcasts and silly little vignettes purportedly designed to illustrate or augment the mostly acoustic versions of my songs I’d been posting since Fall Equinox 2005…

I know, I know… it’s pretty hazy to me, too.

Of course, it’s really only been a few weeks since I posted any new music… but in that time I’ve lost my voice, forgotten how to play (just in time for the live show mentioned above), had my songwriter’s block turn into blogger’s block and, not necessarily unrelatedly, had to move the written content part of this blog from one server to another. (Forget that happy face talk in the post below… the aftermath of the move was, as they say on the internet, a royal PITA.)

But I’m back, damn it, and, if not proud, at least unbowed.

Here’s a little (and I mean little) improvised instrumental guitar duet (featuring that great duo me & I) just to get things rolling again…

A Rainy Presidents Day

Internet Archive page for this recording


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