Head Full of Crazy, Heart Full of Fire

Head Full of Crazy, Heart Full of Fire


Just about every time I ever sang this song in front of people I know, someone has laughed out loud at the line, “I work all day and I sweat in the sun”…

Fair enough. The song is certainly not autobiographical.

And there’s certainly more than a little whimsy.

But, you know… there’s just a little bit of truth in it. Maybe it does take a real man to tell his girl no.


[Warning: there are some technical difficulties with this recording… but the performance was so breathtaking… no, that’s a lie. It’s a typical slapdash performance. It was just that the clock was ticking and I needed to get this up and get on with life.]

Head Full of Crazy, Heart Full of Fire

When I see you
and I look in your eyes
I get a head full of crazy
and a heart full of fire
but I cant talk about it
and I cant act on it
and I couldnt really stop it
even if I wanted
I’m tellin you so that you understand
that’s what it’s like to be a man

I work all day and
I sweat in the sun
I’ll work all by life
and I’ll die when it’s done
but if I had you
to sleep by my side
if I had you
to be my bride
if I had you
I’d be glad to be a man

Now I know that you
would really like to stay
but I have responsiblities
that must come into play
I must think of what’s right
— what’s right for you
When his girl loses her head
— a man’s gotta think for two
but that’s what it’s like
that’s what its like to be a man

(C)1990, TK Major


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