Monday Morning Redo [Chain of Mondays]

What? Paris again?

Let’s try this again…

Yesterday’s version of Chain was so incredibly awful…. all I can do is blame it on time-change lag.

(Which is, admittedly, utter BS, in my case, since I work off my bio clock far more than I’m bound by the more rigid confines of societal time… as anyone who has ever waited for a supposedly appointed meeting with me probably knows all too well.)

Anyhow… here is the best version of this, my latest song. Which is not to say it’s any good. But, you know, it’s hella better than yesterday’s…

So, that’s progress. Innit?

Chain of Mondays

a thousand mondays
that’s just 19 years
put your head down
put yourself in gear

before you know it
the day is done
fall asleep
and there’s another one

chain of mondays
wrapped round my life
chain of mondays

’til the end of time
chain of mondays
there’s no wondering why
chain of mondays
’til the day I die

I’m good at what I do
but what I do is dumb
pushing things around
all day long

what’s it all for
don’t ask me
i’m just a well-worn gear
in the big machine

chain of mondays…

don’t take off my shackles
i don’t want to be free
cause theres nowhere to go
and no one to be

been at the grindstone
for so damn long
there’s nothing much left
except this song:

chain of mondays…

(C)2006, TK Major


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