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19 days on the road…

Must catch up… no time to chat now…

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19 Days

Wake up pretty baby tell me what the
hell is going on … I been
on the road for 19 days
and you act like I ain’t been gone

I been thinkin’ ’bout the days
when we thought our love was true
[but] I been thinking my forever
might be better off without you

Driving 16 hours a day
gives you lots of time to think
I been thinking bout a lot of things
that could drive ya to the brink

I been thinkin’ ’bout the days…

the truck stop sign is flashing
through the window of the cab
I wake up sweating
from that same old dream I have

I been dreamin’ ’bout the days…

the little church was quiet
on a Tuesday afternoon
I sat and thought about us
until I knew what I had to do

(C)1998, TK Major