On the forty-first day…

Angel's Vacation

You know how it is.

You try to go on vacation but work is always on the phone or emailing you. Where’s this? How do you do that? Where’s that eighty thousand you withdrew from the company account on Thursday?

You know.

Imagine how it is when you’re working for the boys upstairs. When the Big Boss is not only omniscient, but occasionally seems to get obsessed with details, it’s hard to really get away.

So you plow headfirst into vacation, ignore it when strangers around you get calls on their cells and, with looks of utter bewilderment, hold their phones out to you. Instead you order another round of doubles for the house and grab a passing barmaid.

Superhuman powers mean superhuman powers to annoy.

You can wear out your welcome even when your American Express card seems bottomless.

But the pretty dark eyed maid keeps sneaking back to your room and, on the day you absolutely, without question, must get back to work… the both of you take off through the desert… followed, only steps behind, by the shadowy operatives of He Who Usually Takes Not No for an Answer.

Angel’s Vacation

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Sunday, October 23, 2005
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Angel’s Vacation

He tried to do what was right
but it always turned out wrong
the heavenly host was not impressed
and he had to blow out of town

he came down to earth near Phoenix
in the middle of the summertime
he walked to the first bar he saw
and ordered whiskey, beer, and wine

An angel came down from heaven
hoping to get away
he stewed in the hotel bar all night
and baked by the pool all day

He pushed the desk clerk to a breakdown
and drove the other guests away
he punched out the hotel detective
and ran off with the pretty dark eyed maid

They laid out on the lam for 40 days and nights
and on the 41st they had to rest
the pretty dark eyed maid was all worn out
and the angel was scared to death

he knew they’d have no trouble tracking him down
angels have this certain glow
and when they tell you it’s time to leave,
by God, then it’s time to go

An angel came down from heaven
hoping to get away
he stewed in the hotel bar all night
and baked by the pool all day

(C)1990,2005, TK Major

(C)2007, TK Major


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