Wise men testify…

Wie Men Testify


The headline caught my eye as I scanned Google News: “Wise men testify to dragon’s virgin birth,” a story about a parthenogenic Komodo dragon at the London Zoo.

No, too on the nose for a few days before Christmas, I thought.

I looked on. Plenty of pointed, timely headlines. That was the problem. I was looking for something that was both timely and timeless. Like good ad copy.

I kept coming back to to the dragon headline, finally deciding to use the first three words for the title of the guitar improvisation I’d just recorded.

That worked pretty well for me… it was timely, a reference to the virgin Komodo dragon, as well as a reference to the season… but, more importantly, for the rest of the year it worked as something a tough D.A. might say to a witness to get him to talk on the stand.

Internet Archive page for this recording


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