Daily Archives: February 9, 2006

Forget About the Moon

Forget About the Moon




New song. Brand new. Written minutes before this was recorded.

Too tired to write more. Must sleep.

Addendum: I had, perhaps obviously, just hit ‘the wall’ as I was posting this song last night. It had been so dang long since I’d written a song that when I found myself writing this late yesterday evening, I pushed hard to finalize it enough to record it and get it posted.

I suppose it’s a little late for me to act sheepish about posting my lyrics, but I was struck last night by just how little of the flavor of the song is captured by the printed word. It is, of course, often problematic printing out short rhyming lines meant to be sung… they have a tendancy to look even lamer than they may or may not sound and syncopated rhythmic phrasing of the sung line has a tendancy to look awkward at best on the printed page or screen.

But, well, that’s what we do here, for better or worse, so… without further ado, my new song:

Forget About the Moon

forget about me
forget about you
forget all the pretty things
we were gonna do

forget about the moon
forget about the stars
forget about forever
we’ve already come too far

forget about the times
you lay by my side
forget how I thought
you’d be there all my life

forget about the moon…

forget about those dreams
they’re just castles in the sky
forget all those plans we’d make
lying awake at night

forget about the moon…

(C)2006, TK Major