Daily Archives: February 2, 2006

So Much More Love



It’s such an ugly word.

I prefer to think of this track as the mix I was working on when I realized it was almost midnight and I needed to get an AYoS song posted.

The original version (below) of this, from my (one man) band, one blue nine, was released in 1999. It was a busy, somewhat funky trip hop thing and it did pretty well on the old mp3.com, rising into the trip hop top ten for a brief period (No. 7, if I recall correctly).

The piece is built around the found sound of a 60’s survivor retelling some of her experiences in Haight-Ashbury in the Summer of Love.

It was a time when love was in the air and you had to be careful what was in the Kool-Aid. A time when clowns were kings, when saints were sinners, cops were criminals, and a wise man often played the fool.

A word to the wise: don’t try this in your century.

Today’s remix version:

Release version:

[A note on this track. With drums, bass, keyboards, and found audio, this is a very different track for AYoS, more typical of my ‘band’ work with one blue nine. It does not represent a new change in direction for AYoS, although I have started sneaking a few more elements into the simple acoustic versions I’ve been recording daily. Honest to gosh… I just lost track of the time and wasn’t able to record a new acoustic track. (Yeah, yeah. It shouldn’t take more than 5 or 6 minutes, I realize. But it does.) And then my cable net connection completely disappeared in the middle of uploading this track… Anyhow, it’s done. I didn’t add it to the now very long playlist of AYoS Radio, since I thought the sudden shift to a full band might be jarring in that context. Always thinking of you, gentle readers and listeners. Heh.]