It's all because of you...
[New, improved recording version links below, 2006-07-21]

He watched himself… just to see how far he’d go.

And, when it was all over, he looked back and realized he’d watched himself, wide-eyed, as he threw away every single thing he cared about and everything he used to think he stood for.

Thrown away for promises he never believed for a moment. For obvious lies, crazy, outrageous, insulting lies… lies he still looked for reasons to believe.

Thrown away for dreams so real that each waking broke his heart all over again.

Thrown away: the life he’d been building since he was a kid, his home, his job, the high school sweetheart he’d settled down with, and the love that was unexciting, yet dependable and familiar.

Still, he knew in his soul that he would do it all over again. With no more hesitation than a deep breath and a silent, “God help me.”

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All Because of You

He should have E~ g#m g#m
seen it coming
but he never dreamed
he’d ever have to watch her leave
She laughed all the way to Austin
And she cried the rest of the
way to New Orleans

Baby Doll, it’s all because of you g#m ~ f#m
You always sew destruction
No matter what ya say you’re trying to do
Now always get
whatever it is
you want
and as long as I’ve known you
You always want
what you ain’t got

I have known you
such a long long time
and you know I wouldn’t say
it if it wasn’t true
You don’t have a heart I know
but I’m recently convinced there’s no soul
inside of you

Yesterday’s toys you
throw them all away
you dont even watch
to see their paper hearts in the flames
Like a goddess before
the gods learned how to feel
In your universe your world is the
only one that’s real

bridge: c#m ~ g#m ~
(look here baby)
Baby I got the map on you
Every lie you tell
I can drill right through
Baby Doll the fall is coming soon
and when it falls
it’s all gonna be on you

He shoulda E~ g#m g#m
seen it coming
but he never dreamed
he’d have to watch her leave


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