Daily Archives: February 22, 2006

You See the Sky? The Sky’s in Love with You

You See the Sky? The Sky's in Love with You

He had his feet up on the low balcony wall. He was slouched into the just-starting-to-get -funky easy chair he’d pulled out there when she moved out.

His old spanish guitar was across his midsection, horizontally. His right hand picked a pattern so lazy it seemed to lull his left into a fitful near sleep.

A half pint bottle of tequila, two thirds empty, was on its side on the roofing material floor. Next to it was a six pack of Olympia in bottles, two beers left.

The sun was almost down and the sky had blossomed in a false spring of pinks and blues and purples. The alcohol made him feel warm, but the early evening air was cool on his face.
Today’s song a very impromptu solo improvisation:

You See the Sky? The Sky’s in Love with You