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Ain’t no place so low you can’t get there if you crawl… (Kingdom of Fools 3)

Ain't no place so low

Kingdom of Fools was one of the first songs I posted last September at the beginning of A Year of Songs. I posted a new version not quite two weeks ago. It was a rush job. In more ways than one. The tempo was, shall we say, aggressive.

My dissatisfaction with it must have been playing tricks with my subconscious since I apparently suppressed the memory of that quite recent version and, after a less than thorough search for previous versions that missed the February 18 version, I rerecorded it, thinking, somehow I hadn’t done it since September.

And, I’m happy to say that this version is quite different, much more considered. I think my favorite is still the first, but you may find that the additional guitar in this brings something new to the song. Or you may find it an annoying distraction. Heh.

second AYoS version (18 Feb 2006)
first AYoS version (25 Sept 2005)

In the Kingdom of Fools

Aint no such thing
as too high to fall
aint no place so low
you cant get there
if you crawl

Aint no bro’
so close you can’t play him down
’cause in the kingdom of Fools
only one can wear the crown

Ain’t no truth so pure
you can’t turn it to a lie
ain’t no love so deep
you can’t drain it ’til it’s dry

Ain’t no flower so pretty
you cant crush it to the ground
in the Kingdom of Fools
only one can wear the crown

Aint no lie
that can ever make you see the truth
and your life til now
just so much living proof

Ain’t no one but you
can keep you from where you’re bound
‘Cause in the Kingdom of Fools
Only one can wear the crown

(C)2005, TK Major
2005 Jan 29