Not One of Those Dreams



This was the third of three songs I came up with on a rainy day in Mexico I wrote about here a few weeks ago. (That would be in the Looking for Trouble post. The second song was There Ain’t No Heart In My Heart No More, though I didn’t think to mention it in the write-up.)

Rainy days and recent relationship breakups are, of course, great fuel for creative venting. Set that rainy day on the rugged and rocky coast north of Ensenada at a remote and run down motor court, and you might as well throw an open bar party for the muses. Still, by the time I was scribbling this one down, I think a lot of the muses had paired up and were down on the rocks by the stormy sea making out, leaving me to try to make something out of this…

Not One of Those Dreams

If I had time to count the lies
or the hours that you stole
but it ain’t like me to wonder why
all the same there are some things one needn’t be told

I can see it in your smile
it’s there behind all your words
something dancing behind your eyes
I can tell that you think it’s
gonna be me that’s gonna get burned

It ain’t like you’re the only one
that ever threw away love
I’ve sinned your sins and some again
it’s all the same, it’s all been done

I’m not saying that I’m sorry
I won’t say I didn’t love you
I won’t say I didn’t have some dreams
but not one of those dreams
did I ever dream could come true
not one of those dreams
did I ever dream could come true
not one of those dreams…



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