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Everyone knew her name…

A new version of this song written back in July, 2001. I’ve always felt guilty writing joke and novelty songs — and I’ve always gone ahead and done it anyway — and all too often I haven’t been shy about sharing them. Always the kid in the back of the class.

Anyhow, somehow, over the years, I’ve developed an affection for these lyrics — but never been all that comfortable with what had been a basic 3-cowboy-chord  song. It’s still only got 3 or 4 chords (depending on how you count, let’s not get theoretical) but I sort of like the new version’s sloppy bounce.

[2018-03-02 New mix/remaster; the lo fi preview tracks from BandCamp and SoundCloud were killing me, you could barely hear the jingly things on the big tambourine that supplies the ‘rhythm’ for the track.]

Who’ll Stop Lorraine?

I’ve known Lorraine since we were kids
and I’ve always been amazed
Every time she went too damn far I thought
Who’ll stop Lorraine?
I saw her hunt down that family man
he was doomed from that first day
I saw her rip his heart into little tiny shreds and I thought,
Who’ll stop Lorraine?

From the hotel bar to the airport lounge
Everyone knows her name
Over and over I ask myself,
Who’ll Stop Lorraine?

Finally one day I’d had enough
I sat her down looked her in the eye
Lorraine I love you, girl, but straighten up,
’cause, Lorraine, you’re wreckin’ people’s lives

From the hotel bar to the airport lounge
Everyone knows your name
Over and over they ask themselves,
Who’ll Stop Lorraine?

I never thought Id see a tear in her eye
I never thought I’d see into her soul
but since that day she’s come so damn far
God I’ve come to love that girl so

From the hotel bar to the airport lounge
Everyone knows her name
Over and over they ask themselves,
Whatever became of Lorraine?


Desperation is in short supply…

Winged Victory

It is often said that trouble, trouble, at any rate, that doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.

But there are times when you’d trade all life’s hard-learned lessons and ennobling sorrows for a little rest… a break in the action… the pain subsiding into a dull ache… even for a little while.

You slog forward because you think you remember somewhere that to fall behind is to succumb… to fall in the snow… to be forgotten because no one else has the strength to remember one more fallen comrade.

The point of survival is soon forgotten and it becomes a habit… or the struggle toward it… the weary momentum.

Ah… hell… it’s a beautiful faux spring day here in Southern California and I live near the beach. Y’all can listen to this song — I’m going outside…

2 Dazed 2 Care

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Monday, November 07, 2005
Sunday, February 05, 2006

original 1982 dark new wave recording [soundclick page]

2 Dazed 2 Care

Turn down this street
back down that alley
there is no escape and there is no stalling

The future is here
and it’s more of the past
All I remember
is falling and falling

Leave me alone
just let me be
with wounds this deep
they just have to bleed

Desperation is short supply
I used up my panic in the crises last year
It’s hard to worry, it’s hard to care
when you’re so tired of anger
and you’re so tired of fear

Leave me alone…

No point in crying, laughing or dreaming
no point in love, no % in fear
desperation is in short supply
so tired of anger
2 dazed 2 care

(C)1981,2008, TK Major


Castles in the sky…

Forget About the Moon

A thousand dreams.

Gone, like that. All those things they’d planned, lying awake, moonlight through the window, in each other’s arms. The places they’d go. The things they’d do. The projects they’d pursue together. The dreams.


He knew in an instant they were as gone as though they’d never been.

Sometimes when people break up, there’s an uncertainty, a possibility everything can be put back together. Sometimes it happens. Mostly, he guessed, it didn’t.

But with her, with this woman he’d spent almost five years with… he knew.

It was as over as over gets.

Forget About the Moon

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006
Saturday, February 11, 2006

Forget About the Moon

Forget about me
forget about you
forget all those pretty things
we were gonna do

forget about the moon
forget about the stars
forget about forever
we’ve already come too far

forget about the times
you lay by my side
forget how I thought you’d be
there all my life

forget about the moon…

forget about those dreams
they’re just castles in the sky
forget all those plans we made
lying awake at night


AYoS News

The new AYoS Song Database is now online in beta form!

I’ll be adding new functionalities to it over the next few weeks (depending on my availability) but as it stands now you can sort on song title and date (as well as whether or not the song is an instrumental) and there are links to the AYoS page for each song as well as links directly to the MP3 for each song. Additionally, there are links for other download and streaming options for many of the songs.

(C)2006, TK Major


In memory of Kurt Schnyder

'Venus in the Basement' by Kurt Schnyder

I got the call this morning.

I knew his health hadn’t been too good since he broke his hip in a bicycle accident a little over a year ago. When I saw him a few times around Christmas, he was thin — as always — but he was very happy.

For the first time in many, many years he was in love. He excitedly talked about buying a ring for his girlfriend, Charlene. If you knew Kurt, as I had for almost 30 years, that was deeply surprising — to put it mildly.

Still, there could be no questioning his enthusiasm for his new relationship. At times it was all he could talk about. And there was no questioning his genuine affection and love for his girlfriend, despite surprising differences between them.

So it was especially saddening when one of our mutual friends called me this morning to tell me Kurt had passed away less than 24 hours after checking into the hospital. We still don’t know the particulars of his passing and, really, it’s hard to feel like they really matter much. He was not young, at 53, but not old, either. Still, his health had been increasingly precarious, especially after the bike accident knocked him off his feet for the better part of a half year. The last time I saw him, he was still using a cane. (I used a cane, myself, for five years after a motorcycle wreck when I was 29, so it’s never something I like to see one of my friends leaning on. I kept hoping he’d be throwing it away soon but… ah well.)

Anyway, I’ll be writing more about Kurt, who was a very good painter and graphic artist (the hurriedly photographed picture above that he gave me as a housewarming gift almost 20 years ago only hints at his skill and vision… I hope to share more with you over coming months) as well as a fine percussionist (he was part of my all improv ambient ensemble Drift in the mid-90s, along with clarinetist/guitarist Steven (Caz Camberline) Becker and violinist/vocalist Ann De Jarnett).

He was a witty, often wildly funny man. At times he lived a little large and maybe a little wobbly — but he was a hell of a guy and a hell of a friend and — damn it — I really miss him already.

Gotta go.

Here’s the memorial site Kurt’s sister and friends and I came up with for Kurt.

Below are some songs featuring Kurt Schnyder:

13th Bar Blues

Kurt plays all the percussion on this wild and woolly workout. We recorded in two passes, with me on guitar and him on a handful of his percussion toys on both tracks. And I later went back and added some keyboard parts (no, that’s not really a sax section, back there).

Pretty Little Head

Kurt is joined on congas on this track by our mutual friend Michael Bay on shakers. The two conga tracks and the shakers were actually recorded for one of the songs on Mike’s unreleased first album that he recorded a number of years ago in my old project studio and he graciously allowed me to swipe them and build a whole new track around them.