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Throw the bums out…

A Whole 'Nother New Morning

Since I’ve written before in this space about being an anti-war, environmentally concerned Republican (unnecessary war only benefits the arms dealers and a dead planet is bad for business — what’s hard to understand about that?) I figure it’s probably appropriate for me to announce some changes around here…

I wish the GOP was still the party of Lincoln, civil rights, and honest, responsible government. But that fantasy is unsustainable.

It’s not a perfect fit — but I’m now a Democrat. That’s right, a capital-D Democrat.

And, like a lot of folks walking away from my former party, I’ve been drawn steadily to the new guy.

Not only is he likable — he’s whip smart and serious in a way that seems to elevate the dialog away from the same old do-anything-say-anything-to-get-elected politics of his closest rival for his party’s nomination.

Do I have qualms? Sure, I’m a fiscal conservative and he’s… well… he’s kind of a progressive.

But when’s the last time there was a genuine fiscal conservative Republican in the White House? That would be… not in my half-century-plus of memory. No, the Republicans who’ve crossed that threshold have been, by and large, disgraceful spend-and-borrow profligates and any cursory investigation of the ups and downs of US deficits and total debt will throw that into stark and unmistakable relief.

And those Republican spendthrifts have by and large thrown away the money enriching their cronies and donors — often as not on weapons systems that do not work as advertised and erode the security of the U.S.

So, while I’d certainly be more comfortable if someone, somewhere was promising smaller budgets — and might actually be counted on to deliver them (ah, there’s always the rub) — I’m actually more comfortable with someone who wants to put his spending to use in actually improving the lot of U.S. citizens instead of greedy, corrupt warmongering arms makers.

I’m voting for Obama, today.

A Whole ‘Nother New Morning

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