Hoping for rain…

The world is so big...



You know you’re lonely when you find yourself doing lonely things like hitching half the length of California (don’t try that in your century, kids) or going on long, rambling, solo camping trips, driving from forsaken spot to god forsaken spot and packing up and moving on if anyone else shows up in camp even if you just got there that morning. You find yourself listening for thunder through the mountains a lot. Feeling it resonate in the emptiness inside you… filled for a moment with rumbling sound and dull pain and then empty again.

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World So Big*

The world is so big
then again the world’s so small…
I might be in your arms tomorrow night
or I might never make it home to you at all

true love, baby, the bottom drops out
and then you fall…
it only happens one time baby
if you’re lucky maybe not at all

I could live a thousand lifetimes
I’d never forget a single one of your lies…
I could die a million times
ant the ghost of you would still draw me back to life

*name changed from “The World Is So Big” (9/25/2007)


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