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Castles in the sky…

Forget About the Moon

A thousand dreams.

Gone, like that. All those things they’d planned, lying awake, moonlight through the window, in each other’s arms. The places they’d go. The things they’d do. The projects they’d pursue together. The dreams.


He knew in an instant they were as gone as though they’d never been.

Sometimes when people break up, there’s an uncertainty, a possibility everything can be put back together. Sometimes it happens. Mostly, he guessed, it didn’t.

But with her, with this woman he’d spent almost five years with… he knew.

It was as over as over gets.

Forget About the Moon

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006
Saturday, February 11, 2006

Forget About the Moon

Forget about me
forget about you
forget all those pretty things
we were gonna do

forget about the moon
forget about the stars
forget about forever
we’ve already come too far

forget about the times
you lay by my side
forget how I thought you’d be
there all my life

forget about the moon…

forget about those dreams
they’re just castles in the sky
forget all those plans we made
lying awake at night


AYoS News

The new AYoS Song Database is now online in beta form!

I’ll be adding new functionalities to it over the next few weeks (depending on my availability) but as it stands now you can sort on song title and date (as well as whether or not the song is an instrumental) and there are links to the AYoS page for each song as well as links directly to the MP3 for each song. Additionally, there are links for other download and streaming options for many of the songs.

(C)2006, TK Major


World of Lies

World of Lies

Written in the summer of 1983… I was looking for something to shore up the romantic end of my song portfolio, which, after the punk years, was looking a little threadbare.

But what came out was this song that laces cynicism with romanticism (me, I think the two go hand in hand — unlike love and cynicism, say) but manages, I like to think, to still suggest an honest, soul deep yearning. Or not.

It may seem strange, 22 years after its writing, that I’ve never gotten a proper, produced recording of this song onto tape or disk — but I have often included it in live sets. I keep thinking I’ll look up in the middle of performing it in some coffee house or dive and lock eyes with my next soul-mate, I guess.

This version gets the chords and words right but I’m still looking to the future to capture the song’s true essence. You should pardon the expression.


Meet me in the world of lies
let’s be hypnotized…

You know that love is just a foolish game
it always fades away
I know that you won’t stay
but at least you’re hear today

Meet me in the world of lies
let’s be hypnotized
Something in me goes wrong
every time a dream dies

I know that I’ll always be alone
and I know life’s just to die
I know a wise man gives up the world
but maybe I’m not that wise

Meet me in the world of lies
let’s be hypnotized
Don’t let this dream die
meet me in the world of lies

Summer 1983