Each new dream… same as the last.

When Ashley said goodbye...

Each new dream… same as the last.

And yet they kept on coming. A procession of rosy futures… glimmering… flickering… fading.

He stared at the surface of the coffee sitting in the stained mug on his warehouse desk. There was just something wrong with the way he was doing this life thing…

A decade earlier, starting out in life, he thought he had it all lined up. A smart, cute, funny girlfriend who put up with his bullshit, his wandering eye, his compulsive, no-end-to-it truth-telling. (“Well, at least I never lied to you!” he said way too often to his tearful, agonized girlfriend.)

But now, looking at a string of broken relationships stretching back to those golden-seeming days, it looked like an empty, bitter joke…

But, as always, a new dream would come… a new girl, a new set of possibilities… a new set of lies he would tell to her, to himself.

A new dream — but always the same, sad story arc.

He remembered a brief moment when he was about four or five, watching himself standing over a toilet and thinking, this can’t be a TV show, ’cause no one ever goes to the bathroom on TV. But it sure does feel like one…

His bitter laugh echoed against the concrete walls of the warehouse when he thought, Man, I should just fire the writing staff…

OK…. enough of all that. Today’s version of this song is kind of fun, I think, a funky, glam-folk reading of what I’ve always thought of as kind of a sleeper.

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Thursday, September 29, 2005
Tuesday, January 09, 2007

When Ashley Said Goodbye

Amber said hello when Ashley said good-bye
I said hold on but there’s no wondering why
when love wants in, love can knock down yer door

I said Amber, I think this is forever
she said baby you’re yanking on my tether
when all is said and done love will even up the score

Love will fool ya — love can kill ya
Love is all that love can give ya
and still you keep coming back for more

Love is funny — love is cruel
Love’ll make Einstein act just like a fool
Love’ll make a tomcat dive in-a swimin pool

All these toys all these games
all these pretty dollhouses going up in flames
if you play around enough you know you’re gonna get burned

Love will fool ya — love can kill ya
Love is all that love can give ya
and still you keep coming back for more


4 thoughts on “Each new dream… same as the last.

  1. Anonymous

    Four things come not back: the spoken word, the sped arrow, time past, the neglected opportunity. ~ Omar Ibn Al-Halif

  2. TK Major

    We’re obviously getting a higher class sort now that we installed the media player… kinda like hanging a big ol 21″ TV in the corner down at the Thirsty Bucket.


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