There was one thing on my mind when I wrote this song. I wanted to get in the line, "Get
Sometimes, back in the days of my fitful career as punkrocker-turned-folkie, I used to tag myself as the Bard of
This is the headstock of my first guitar. Sharp-eyed comics fans will note the faded image of the Silver Surfer,
I wrote this song when I was working in a gas station in a very rough part of town. You
    It's another scorcher here in south Cali... not as oppressive, maybe, as yesterday -- unless you're foolish enough
It's too hot to think, here... it's certainly too hot to strap on a pair of headphones. I recorded this
I've got a pain in my head and a fire in my loins... and a whole lot of empty in
It was a rainy Saturday in the early summer of 1981. I was sitting on a wooden chair at the
T his is my latest finished song. Recently, I saw a bumper sticker with big, bold letters on a patriotic
This song has always escaped my grasp in the past and this time is no exception. Let's call this recorded