Someday, baby, this will all be washed away…

Someday Baby

Sometimes you just see how it’s all going to go down. You look and look and no matter how you look, you see the same end coming.

But not everyone sees it. And when it comes, it hits them hard.

Maybe it’s the sad wisdom born of years of life, death and change, as they say in the comics, but at a certain zoom level, the pain and the pleasure and the sorrow and the joy start developing some kind of symmetry. Not, perhaps, the nice, even, balanced kind… but an inner symmetry that is at once reassuring and sobering.

I’m thinking, of course, of that moment in the narrative of life when a wised up adult tells his or her young and heartbroken lover, You’ll be better off without me, doll. It’s a big world out there. You’re gonna find some guy who really loves you — not a guy like me, always out for number one, looking for the next adventure, the next good time. You’re going to find someone who deserves a fine girl like you…

The funny thing is, after a while, you see it happening. You see one of the perfectly good girls you threw away out on the street with her new number one and they look so happy. A few years later you see them out shopping with the kids, the happy family. At a certain point, you look twice and, if you try real hard, it can almost look good for a few moments.

But that’s their destiny.

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Someday Baby

someday, baby
you’ll be looking down on me
but don’t you ever think I don’t know
what you’re bound to see
it’s just destiny
it’s just got to be
that’s my prophecy

someday, baby
when you’ve got this
whole thing straight
after you contemplate
maybe meditate
you’ll see that it was fate
it had to be this way
it’s all too late

someday, baby
you’ll be laughing in the sun
I can see you with your Only One
and I know that it just has to be
it’s prophecy
it is destiny

someday, baby
this will all be washed away
that’s what the old men say
but it’ll be okay
a million years from today
it’ll end our pain

someday, baby
youll be laughing in the sun
I can see you with your Only One
and you know it just has to be
it is prophecy
it’s destiny

(C)2008, TK Major


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