We’re still dragging our cute little feet getting our finished work mastered to modern standards and, so, still lollygagging about getting our studio music up for sale/streaming… but as a gesture, we’ve made this late-90s acoustic-themed favorite available [hopefully] through your favorite music store or streamer… 

Dog Catching Flying Saucer
[for some reason, the Songlink page above includes some links that don’t actually go to the correct song]


Until then…

You’ll find more or less produced versions of some of TK’s songs  in a roots/folk vein here:

one blue nine is the  mutant outsider pop, (mostly) one man band from AYoS’s TK Major:

Here’s the 1993 collaborative, all improvised ambient electronica album created by Michael Rothmeyer (guitars and echo loops) and  TK Major (on keyboards and echo loops, as Frippenstein), 2.6.93, by Rothmeyer &

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